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Camp Connection South Dakota - offered in 2021; look for information on 2022 soon!

A Grief camp for children ages 5-17

Camp Connection is a 2-day camp for children who are adjusting to the death of a love one. Developed by a licensed therapist, this camp promotes understanding, acceptance, healing, and hope through a program of playful and therapeutic activities. It is staffed by a licensed therapist and trained staff.

Grief is hard, and it can be especially challenging for children who do not have the life experiences and resources adults draw on during difficult times. Camp can fill that gap by:

  • Developing coping skills for expressing and processing feelings

  • Providing connection to peers who also have experienced loss

  • Providing therapeutic and social activities

  • Teaching and modeling to campers that it is ok to have fun and still honor their loved ones

  • Assisting campers to talk openly about their loved ones

Campers will enjoy a day filled with indoor and outdoor activities, including art and water play! Camp t-shirt, lunch and snacks are provided each camp day. Campers will need to bring sunscreen, bug spray, and weather appropriate clothing.

View the 2021 Camp Connection Flyer

Contact Staci for questions 507-380-0626 or staci.born@center4connection.com

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Mental Health Consultation in Child Care & PreK-12 Schools

Supporting children's mental health for individuals and within organizations.

Now more than ever, schools are charged with meeting the diverse and unique needs of students and their families. Teachers, staff, and administration would benefit from assistance to learn new strategies for addressing challenges to reduce or eliminate the need for suspension or expulsion, and to enhance academic  and employee performance. 

Our school-based consultation is an evidence-informed, developmentally-relevant, multi-level intervention where our mental health team partners with people who care for children in your school to promote healthy-social-emotional development. Our relationship-based approach to working with professionals is driven by data and delivered in natural settings, enhancing accountability and the likelihood that effective strategies are practiced and maintained. 
We work together to build the capacity of your school so you can prevent and address challenging behaviors and foster a richer social-emotional environment. We do this by working alongside school professionals in their daily settings, sharing strategies, modeling evidence-based interventions, facilitating referrals, and cultivating a deeper understanding of the factors that shape children's social-emotional development.
Our team takes a strengths-based approach to understanding and conceptualizing children's behavior. Additionally, we intervene at multiple levels (classroom, family, school, community), enhancing the important contextual and cultural factors impacting children's behaviors.

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Trainings & Workshops for Organizations and Communities

Adult learning that is informative and engaging.

We pride ourselves on sharing knowledge that is tangible, immediately applicable, engaging, and relevant to our participants. Our team is ready to inspire, innovate and refresh. We can present on a wide variety of topics related to self-care, trauma, attachment, parenting, play therapy, school-based mental health, self-compassion and more!

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Working towards your license as a mental health professional or registration as a play therapist?

We can help. Members of our team are available for in-person and online supervision in individual and group formats.

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Play Date Kits

The relationship is the foundation for healing mental health across the lifespan. 

Our play date kits have been created with fostering fun ways to connect through multiple senses. Visit our Etsy Shop: Play.Connect.Do for a peek at our current kits.