Ice Cream Treats Sensory Kit

Ice Cream Treats Sensory Kit

Here comes summer and a favorite warm-weather treat – Ice cream! This kit includes colored and vanilla scented rice, an ice cream scoop, clear shovel, chocolate scented erasers, foam cone, poms, even an ice cream bowl, and a container to keep it all safely together.


Children learn through their senses so these kits provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with your child through sensory play! Use the kit for individual or parent-child play.

Worried about a mess? Spread out newspaper indoors, or take your kits outside. Most importantly, have FUN!


    4-3-2-1!: A great way to help children regulate and ground themselves is by pausing and practicing mindfulness with the 4-3-2-1 activity. Ask your child while they are sitting with their kit:

    4: What are four things you can touch? Allow them to touch them, you may follow-up with, how do those feel?

    3: What are three things you can see? Allow them to point and name what the child believes them to be – it’s okay if it’s not correct 😊

    2: What are two things you can smell? Allow the child to smell the items and describe the scent to you

    1: What is one thing you can hear? Here’s where some fun and creativity can emerge – pouring the rice, and even the poms, can generate sounds. What creative ways will your child discover to find sound in their kit?


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