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Hello everyone! My name Is Madeline Kranzler. I am entering my senior year at South Dakota State University studying Human Development and Family Studies. Dr. Born and I have worked together to create this website as a part of a summer internship I am participating in for my undergraduate program. I am passionate about helping families in any way I can. During this pandemic, we have all had to make changes to our lives and to find a new sense of normalcy. I hope that what we have provided on this website will encourage you to find new ways to understand emotions and express imaginations!

On our homepage, you will be able to find different sensory kits that we have developed. These kits engage children’s senses and encourage them to work on different developmental skills while feeling like they are simply playing. These each include a description of the kit and an activity suggestion to get the most out of them developmentally.

We have also included craft ideas that are free or low-cost for families who may be struggling with money during these trying times. The materials for these crafts are likely to be lying around your house already. We hope these ideas can provide fun and encourage imaginations to flourish!

Finally, we have provided external links to helpful resources regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the Black Lives Matter Movement. These links will provide you with more information and support for those struggling during these times. There is also a link provided that will take you directly to the Black Lives Matter website where you can learn more about the movement, and to donate to this cause if you are able.

Finally, we have included a section at the bottom of our home page that may help with the potential anxiety around returning back to school in the fall while still going through this pandemic.

I hope that this website can provide you with useful information as well as some educational fun!

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