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Lead with compassion

Sibling bickering is the worst! It just touches a nerve and makes me a cranky mom!

Yesterday was a rough one for my daughter. She didn't sleep well, so anything her brother would do would just set her off.

On one particular rough incident, she came running, screaming, and crying. Every ounce of my body wanted to just roll my eyes and yell at them both.

Instead, I took a deep breath- regulated my own brain and body. Then asked her to tell me more. I simply let her talk while I rubbed her back. I would say things such as "that is really tough" or "sometimes big brothers are annoying" and "it's hard to get along today." She was able to calm down...and went back to playing.

When in doubt, lead with compassion. Grown-ups, be the calm in their storm! It's NOT easy, but it is worth it! ...and honestly, it takes less emotional effort to be compassionate than getting frustrated and angry.

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