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Family Connection Coloring Page

I think we can all agree that 2020 was rough! Let’s make 2021 a year of CONNECTION! We hope you enjoy this Family Connection Coloring page. Download the PDF below!

Connection Coloring Sheet
Download PDF • 242KB

Once you have done an item on the list- Color it! ...and share with us!

Here is a little inspiration to get you started with each…

Give a 60-second hug. Physical connection is so important! Giving members of your family a 60-second hug can assist in regulating the mind and body!

Last to leave challenge. If you have a child who watches YouTube, you may have heard them talking about last to leave challenges. These can be so much fun! As a family, plan a last to leave challenge. This could be the last to leave the couch, specific room, or chair. Get creative! Our family blew up an air mattress, let everyone choose one item to have with them, and did last the leave the air mattress. So many laughs as we all struggled to fit on the air mattress!

Take a hike. You can take a real hike or imaginary! Maybe you use your imagination and take a hike through your house turned forest or backyard. Or you search and find a nearby space to explore!

Our Favorite Memories. Nostalgia really helps families focus on the good. As a family, come together to discuss everyone’s favorite memory; you can draw pictures of the memory, show pictures, and maybe even recreate the memory. Maybe baking cookies was your favorite part of Christmas—do it again! And talk about the memory.

Cotton ball fight. Exactly as it sounds! Use cotton balls to have an indoor snowball fight!!

Cuddle. Again, physical connection!! This is a great way to connect at the end of the day. Have a family cuddle where everyone sits on the couch together and discusses their favorite parts of the day.

Copy Cat. Let’s activate those mirror neurons! Get everyone together- choose a cat! Then copy their movements! Family members have to pay close attention to each other.

Family Interview. Even though we may spend a lot of time with our family, sometimes we really don’t know what they like and don’t like. You can search online for various interview questions or makeup one of your own! Here are a few questions to help get you started!

Which family member is the funniest?

What is the family’s favorite movie?

What is dad’s biggest pet peeve?

Who cooks the best?

What is the family’s favorite meal?

Who has the smelliest feet?

Who is the messiest? Cleanest?

Blindfold challenge. We love to do a blindfold sensory challenge. You can tailor this to whatever works for your family. You can have a series of snacks, blindfold family members, and have them all guess what the snack is. OR place various items into a bowl and have everyone guess what the item is!

Would you rather? Spend a few minutes asking someone you love at least 10 questions. The questions can be silly or serious! You can learn so much from the ones you love with these questions.

Good night handshake. Come up with a fun handshake! Use this handshake each night before you go to bed! Our family handshake is “hugs, knucks, Hi-five, kisses, tickle!”

Staring Contest. Sometimes all kids need is a little eye contact! Have a staring contest!

I Spy. This is such an excellent way to connect and distract. I love using this one when we are waiting in lines, waiting for food at a restaurant…and really anytime we need to WAIT!

Fun Nicknames. As a family, think about the best things about each other…then turn it into a Nickname to use for an entire day.

Family Scavenger Hunt. There are so many ways to do this! You can create a scavenger hunt of your own or google and find one that fits well for your family!

Don’t Touch the Ground. This activity can be played out in so many ways. Get a balloon or ball and toss around, and don’t let it touch the group. OR maybe you play the floor is lava and jump around the house trying not to touch the ground.

Make a Fort. Use various items and build a fort! This can be done indoor or outdoor. Get creative!

Hide and Seek. You can do this with people or items. Hide 5-10 things around the house and let everyone search.

Dance Party. Turn on your favorite music and dance, dance, dance!!

Simon Says. Who doesn’t love a game of Simon Says?!? This activity assisted family members to listen and pay close attention to one another.

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